The objective was to look at ways of maintaining service levels and reduce costs. By a combination of using a new transport company and using a parcel distribution company for some of the smaller orders a 20% reduction in cost was achieved and service levels increased.
A new telephone system was required with the possibility of remote offices being set up. We managed the whole project choosing a Siemens system with VOIP. The whole project went seamlessly with the added benefits that the system was able to give. When remote offices were opened VOIP was used enabling all call routing to take place at the head office which negated the need for a receptionists and extra staff cover lunchtimes , holidays and illness at the remote office.
A large international company wanted the UK to change its accounting systems so that all financial reporting could be done to the IFRS accounting standard but at the same time still maintaining its UK accounting standard for Tax purpose and final accounts to Companies House. This was achieved successfully by redesigning the Nominal Ledger structure and a couple of small routines to monitor differences between the two standards.
The objective was to increase the level of service to customers without taking on extra staff. Because of the ranges of products that required technical knowledge, sales teams were created, focusing on certain customers and certain product ranges with some cross team knowledge as a backup. This achieved the goal set, enabling staff to become more focused and at the same time gaining more ownership of the work they were doing.
Provided general business and logistical support for a UK sales and distribution centre with a turnover of £25 million for 2 years, with the aim of shutting it down and transferring the business between Holland and Newcastle. This was achieved with complete success and no unplanned interruption to business.
Helped develop a Sales and Marketing plan for a large international company. An emphasis was placed on new emerging technologies with the aim of becoming the market leader in those, rather than competing with commodity type products where market share and margins would always be limited.